The late Dwight Arrington Myers, affectionately known as "Heavy D"
was more than a successful internationall hip hop artist and rapper,
he was my cousin, both our families are of Caribbean desent and grew
up very close in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and so the last few days since his
passing, as we look back on his life, we as friends, fans and family
remember him fondly. I can't help but to think how his music influenced
many lives, his skillful clean lyrical mastery uplifted everyone and made
the parties rock.I think how "Heavy" showed nothing but respect and love
to each and everyone and how that was returned to him in abundance.
I remember how his laughter could fill a room, how his warm personality
made new found friends feel like they've known him for years, how his
intergrity and optimism seemed endless,but more importantly,I remember
how much he loved his family, he was a man of great character with a strong
sense of family values and deep love for his daughter Xea, and like the rest
of my family and friends he will be missed.

I offer sincere condolences to his fans across the world, and to
"Heavy's" parents, his siblings and his daughter Xea. I will keep you in my prayers.
May God strengthen you daily and watch over you.

"Heavy ... may God open the gates of Heaven to welcome you and grant you Eternal Rest and Peace.

With Love