After Tonight

Ooh baby

Take your own time, let me unwind
Donít you blow your mind
I know you see the signs at the right time, ooh
I love you to the bone, let me take you home this time


Baby after tonight thereís no one above you
Lady after tonight our dreams will come true
Baby after tonight you know I love you, love you

Here we go again baby, oh yeah
Makiní love like we should do
This time you donít have to worry
I can hold you by your hand be the man to understand, oh baby

Lady, cause I will cath you if you fall
Iíll be there standing tall for you, ooh
Youíre a beauty to behold
Stories will unfold in time

repeat chorus

After all that weíve been through baby
I think itís time we start over
We can get stronger, live our lifes with one another
We can be together forever and ever
We can get married, even have children
We are gonna live happy together forever

repeat chorus 2x

Lady, lady, ooh, you know I love you
Baby, baby, you know I love you, oh oh
You know I care, I care, I care, I care, oh
Baby, ooh, lady, you know I care, I care, I care
Me and you lady, me and you, me and you baby, oh
You know I love you

Baby after tonight