Always With You - Tears RIDDIM CD 2007

written by

Oh baby oh lady

I heard a sound calling out my name
Is this for real, am I dreaming
Is this the voice I've been waiting for
It feels so good to hear you calling
Every time that I hear this sound
Makes me weak, goose pimples yeah
Baby lady I can't explain
The way I feel about you

I wanna give you love love and more love
I wanna share my love love always with you

I've been waiting so long for this moment
To share this time with you yeah
I hear your heart beating from a distance
Temperature's rising from my feet
Can't help this feeling that I'm feeling baby oh ho
Hope you feel the same way too
Baby lady

repeat chorus 2x

It's gonna take some time
All that's on my mind
I wanna share with you
All I wanna do
I just can't hold it back
I got to show you with my mack
It's how I feel about you
Baby lady

repeat chorus 4x