Before It Goes Too Far

Just one look
And I'm falling for your charm
And one more look
Now you're playing with my heart
Then that smile
You got me falling apart yeah
Said I'm needing what you got girl
But before it goes too far

Stop think what you're gonna do
Cause my heart's loosing control
And falling for you
Say you better stop
Think what you're gonna do
Before we go too far
And we get into a groove yeah

One more thing
Before we cross the line
One and one ooh baby
Would make you mine yeah
Just rock away with me lady
Baby we can take our time oh yeah
Said I'm feeling what you got girl
So I lay it on the line


I wanna dance with you lady
Do the things you want me to ooh
Rock away with you baby
And loose myself in you ooh
Slow rock with you lady ooh
I wanna sail away with you yeah allright