Careless Whispers

written by : M. Bennett, M. Elliott, S. Campbell

They keep talking talking
And they keep hurting hurting


I don't care just what people wanna say
It's my prerogative and I do it anyway
Mouth were meant for talking, eyes were meant to see
Why are people always watching you and me

careless whispers, they can talking if they want
Careless whispers, wickedness and gruesome
Careless whispers, they can talking if they want
Careless whispers are just wickedness and gruesome

They can love me, oh yeah

Oh the devil always seems to find a willing live for two
Humble lives? and dangerous his evil works to do
They're the happiest when they're causing trouble, wrecking in anothers life
Words like that are stabbing me, another home will loose some sleep

Careless whispers, talking talking
Careless whispers, wickedness and gruesome

They keep talking, talking, hurting people
They keep talking, talking, flirting evil
And if I had my own away
I put a stop to it today
I lock them in a box and throw away the key
For all the hurt they caused on me, you and me, you and me, oh yeah

repeat chorus 2x

they can't hurt me, oh no no no, talking, talking
Careless whispers, careless whispers, talking if they want
I don't care