Everything Changes

Lots emotion what lies ahead
Our destiny say we can't control (Can't control)
There is a balance that we have to find
Within ourselves grow

Cause everything changes (Anything you like to write)
Everything changes (Sometimes you change overnight)
Anything's possible
Cause everything changes (You got to know that change is chorus of life)

Ooh life is so unpredictable
We dress our suspiciance cause we don't know how itshow
Oh we represent scare in a world of our own
Looking for a place to call home

repeat chorus

Don't you wanna holla ah yeah yeah yeah
Don't you wanna holla oh yeah
Anything's possible oh hey hey
If we try (Everything changes)
If we try oh yeah (Everything changes)

Come see the days, don't be negative
Transformation can be positive
Say you're useful, say you're strong
That gives us sense to belong

repeat chorus

If we try if we try if we try (anything you like to write) oh yeah oh yeah
Anything is possible
We can make it if we try
You got to know that change is chorus of life
If we try if we if we if we ooh

Anything and everything changes
Life's a changing game
Nothing stays the same oh
Anything and everything changes
Nothing stays the same
Everything must change
Anything and everything changes if we try
Anything and everything anything and everything
Anything you like to write
We can make it
Sometimes you change overnight
We can make it
Cause anything is possible
You got to know that change is chorus of life