Holiday - EASY TO LOVE 2014

written by : Scott Galt/Michael Hulsmeier/Kyron Leslie/Max Elliott/Livingstone Brown
produced by : De Red Boyz

I didn't think you'd be
Any more than a mystery
Cause you are like a fantasy
Woman of my dreams to me
But ohh, ohh
You're so warm in a world so cold
And that is why I love you so

My supervisor stressing me
Made so many enemies
It's taking all my energy
But I know everything will be
Alright, iiiiii
If I can have you by my side
Cause when you love me all through the night

It feels like a Holiday, Hey
I feel your body on me
Like a summer breeze

In the shade, Hey
And I've been workinf all week
And my mind need
Time to play
Like a holiday
Won't you come my way
Next time that I need a break

There's never enough time left to hold you
Yah slippin' away out of my hands
And I don't wanna have to watch you leave gal
So kiss me on my lips just once again
I don't want this night to end


I wish that I could dive in your paradise
I'd keep di riddim like a heart beat between your thighs

Touch me with the warm of your passion
Shiver gal with the slightest reaction
All I need is to feel satisfaction running all over me