If You Feel Like Dancing - CombiNation (JPN) 1999

written by : M.Elliott/G.Benson/L.Brown/C.Branch

'Cause if you feel like dancing
Ooh we gonna rock you tonight, yeah
And if you feel like movin'
Then we gonna groove ya tonight

Here we are
Gotta get this thing together
Some say "Time will pass you by"
But I say "Life too short to cry"

So if you feel like dancin'
Ooh we're gonna rock ya tonight ya
And if you feel like movin'
Ooh we gonna groove ya tonight
And if you wanna shout, SHOT
Give it all the lovin' ou got
And if you wanna scream, SCREAM
Party cause you don't wanna stop
No No No
Du Du Du


No don't worry
You don't have to get uptight
'Cause i've got this feelin'
Everything is gonna be right tonight
Cause we all know
There's no time to waste
So let's go
Let's take you to a special place

Du Du Du Du