Island Rose - refused 2007

written by : Gary Benson/Max Elliott/Livingstone Brown

This girl she looks so fine
How I wish that she was mine
How she inspires me
Beautiful for all to see

How can I catch your eye
Mustn't let this chance go by
She's much to nice to rush
I don't wanna push too much

Typical island rose
Excuse me I beg your pardon
Typical island rose
Won't you decorate my garden

Is she available
Or mission impossible
It drives me insane
Doesn't even know my name
Who knows that we could fly
Wonder if I dare to try
How can I take the heat
This girl may be out of reach

repeat chorus

She's looking like a dream
Straight out of a magazine
Jewel in a crown
Can't help looking up and down

I gotta buy my time
Wait until I see the sign
She likes to tease around
Oh this game has just begun

repeat chorus