Love Will Cross Over - MAN WITH THE FUN 1996

written by : M.Elliott/G.Benson/D.Germain

Gotta believe Uh~yeah~
Gotta believe Oh yeah

We Rise to another day
So many things to say
Here comes the rain
I know it wonít be long
Hope makes me carry on
My life is worth all the pain
So Iím working hard to find some kind of peace of mind
Itís what I need to achieve
And even in times of doubt my faith I canít leave with out
In GOD THE KING I believe

One Day I know my load, love will take over oh yeah
One day I know Uh yeah we will close over

So I walk an endless road carrying my heavy load
I know that Iím not alone and when the day is done
I know my time has come to give my thanks once more

One Day I know love will take over my load,
One day I know Uh~ we will close over
Soon one day I know we will close over got to believe

Now there is a time and a place weíve got to run the race
Now there is a lesson to learn
Never give up the fight
When we believe weíre right we can over come

One Day I know my load, love will take over common hey
One day I know my load we will close over Oh yeah

Soon one day I know love will take over Oh yeah got to believe
We will cross over I know I know oh one day Love will take over (fade..)