Season In The Sun

written by : Tetsuro Oda, Seth Shomes, Max Elliott

Stop the season in the sun
If I could hold you in my hand
I would be the man, lying in the sand
Feeling all your love
Stop the season you're my dream
When the sun shines down on me
Makes me feel so right
Wanna hold you tight for ever more yeah yeah yeah

If you're a dream, don't wake me oh please
If it's night, then take me oh please
Cause for now it's just another noon...
Without your kiss I feel so lonely
I love your taste when we embrace
So please don't leave me lonely hey

repeat chorus

The border line of the ocean moves me
And like the waves I feel emotions run through me
I just can't wait forever
Making love another color
I can't sleep I can't breathe
If you leave me lonely

repeat chorus