Strollin' On - INTENTIONS 1986

written by : P.Robinson/M.Elliott

Strollin' on
Strollin' on
Strollin' along with my girl
Holding her by your waist

See it's a feelin'
But you've got to experience for yourself
Lord it's a feelin' you have
When you're strollin' along with your girl

Thinking of things
Of things gone long by
All the times we spend
When we're strollin' along together

(Chorus repeat)

See in the Country
Flowers the cool breeze
The wind in her hair
Seems so sweet to me

So when you're in love
And she loves you too
Hand in hand, feelin' the vibes flow through
So when I kissed her lips
So soft so sweet as honey
Strollin' along with a beautiful girl like her

(Chorus repeat)