Sure Fire Love - Bonafide 1990

written by : S.Dunbar/H.Tucker/M.Elliott/

Verse 1:
You say it with your kisses, darling
And everything you do
I just have to talk about you
You're there when the sun comes up, oh, oh
At night you make my dreams come true
Those little things that you do

And if I go away more than a day or two
Each time I close my eyes
I say a little prayer for you

We've got a sure fire love
The more I think of you
Too good to believe it
We've got a sure fire love
Don't change a thing you do
Yes I really mean it

Verse 2:
Don't talk about the weather
Cos the way I feel inside
Is nothing but blue skies
If you spend a little time together
That's how we keep our love alive


(Repeat chorus)


(Repeat chorus to fade)