That's What The Girls Like

2Play puts it together he says
Oooh ooh yeah ohohoh yeah
2Play and it's me Maxi Priest
We know what the girls them love
2Play yeah

That's what the girls like eheheheh
Give it to them all night ohohohoh
That's what the girls like eheheheh
You can do them all night ohohohoh
(Give it to them all night ohohohoh)

Watching the girls how they like to play the game
They get some pleasure out of driving you insane
They tell you no, when you know that they mean yes
They like to act, like they're different from the rest
So you gotta take your time
Trying to get into their mind
Find a way to make them smile
Gotta go the extra mile oh yeah yeah

repeat chorus

One day they loving it and then they play it cool
The way they carry on, they play you for a fool
They like to tease so they bring on all the charm
They make you crazy but they don't mean any harm

So you gotta be a man
Let them see you understand
When they're ready for romance
That is when you take a chance
That is when you take a chance

repeat chorus

The girls them out ?? and getting ten
Now the ??? thinking 'bout ??? then
From this one ???
Promise ???
Yes ???

You need a lioness fi go cool the lion
Mi woman I'm a lover and you love my best friend
To all the lovely ladies introduce some honey
Come sing to them

They like to dance, like to show you what they got
They get you going and they don't know when to stop
Lookin' so hot they know just how to play the room
Turnin’ the guys on when the dj plays their favorite tune
When they turn the lights low
Baby this is you know
Then you gotta do your stuff
Enough will never be enough

repeat chorus
That's what they like
That's what they like
Give it them all night
Give it to them all night
I watch them ???
2Play 2Play