The One - CombiNation 1999

written by : M. Elliott/G. Benson/L. Brown/A. Thompson/W. Hector

The minute I saw you
I wanted to hold you
But I kept it inside and my foolish pride
I wish that I'd told you

Why can't you be mine
And spend all of my time
I've so much to give and one life to live
I can't be without you

If only I could be the one
To love you forever
If only I could be the one
To cherish forever

Don't know if we're coming or going
I just don't know what to do
And so scared to walk away without knowing ooh

What can I tell you
I just can't ignore you
Could I be the one, just let me be the one
Someone you can run to
repeat chorus

Too many words left unspoken, spoken
Girl I promise you your heart won't be broken no no
If you're looking for some love and affection
Then you're looking in the right direction

I wanna cherish you cherish you baby
Anyway you want me to
Cherish you, cherish you darling
For the rest of my life
Cherish you baby ooh yes I will
Cherish you darling

repeat chorus