Won't Let It Slip Away - MAN WITH THE FUN 1996

written by : M.Elliott/G.Benson/H.Tucker

Holding you tight, squeezing you right
And I won't let it slip away
When I feel the taste of your sweet embrace
I couldn't let it slip away

I don't know how I got here
But I'm in the place
And the music's rocking in my soul
No time to waste
The party is raging and I'm getting hot
And until I get to know you girl
I'm not gonna stop
Dancing with you cheek to cheek
And I feel your heat
And the words you whisper in my ears
They sound so sweet


Being here with you girl just takes me away
To another place, another time
Ooh I love your way
The music is playing, we're rocking in time
And you're really getting to me girl
Your blowing my mind