You - Bonafide 1990

written by : G. Benson/W. Sela/M. Elliott

Seems I no longer score oh baby

Is there something you should tell me
Cause I feel the tension in the air
Maybe we should talk about it
Cause this silence I can't bear
And I'm not making no excuses
There's a million reasons why
We were once so good together
Now we're living separate lifes

Cause you don't love me anymore
Don't hurt the way I do crying over you
And you don't need me anymore
Don't see the tears I cry (when I'm) crying over you

One was such a lonely number
Then I realize the score
All you can do is change it
Let me hold you just once more
Cause every picture tells your story
And tonight I feel the blues
So afraid to think about tomorrow
All the love that we once knew

repeat chorus

I'm just living on a prayer
Hope I wake up, find you there
We can turn the world around us
And make it like it's yesterday

repeat chorus 3x