Influential Reggae Hits


Shining a spotlight on some top Reggae Hits 

These songs are influential in cultures all around the world and these songs have affected many people and society as as whole, all from these songs. 

We’ve all heard a reggae song at some point in our lives. Yes, that musical genre that transports you to another place just by thinking about it, smooth as a sunny afternoon with a calming breeze on a deserted beach, with a refreshing bar within walking distance.

Jamaica was the birthplace of reggae in the 1960s. Since then, its popularity in the world reached a very high level, because of its controversial lyrics. Protests, politics, injustice and love are part of the message to be transmitted through the sound of the bass and guitar.

If you have listened to I Shot the Sheriff by reggae icon Bob Marley, you know what we are talking about. As well as this one, there are other songs that became the best hits of all times. Here we present a countdown, be sure to listen to them!

5 – Rivers of Babylon, The Melodians

One of the most representative songs of Jamaican rhythms. It was released in 1970, after Brent Dower and Trevor McNaughton wrote and recorded it as one of the best known singles of the reggae group, The Melodians.

In keeping with the message that reggae singers want to convey through music, Rivers of Babylon recreates and adapts to Psalm 19 and 137 of the Hebrew Bible. This fact makes it an echo of the laments and sorrows of the Jewish people in exile after the Babylonian conquest.

This song became the hymn of the fallen, the division of kingdoms and the dispersion of an innocent people. Its popularity earned it a place in religious ceremonies held in Reform Jewish groups and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

4 – Boomtastic, Shaggy

From the hand of Shaggy, the interpreter of the musical hit called Angel, the song Boomtastic came to stay in the list of the best songs of all times. In June 1995, the release of this song made it a number one hit in countries such as Sweden and Ireland, and on the Billboard chart in the United States.


The song is a mix of reggae and pop music, making the beat catchy and worthy of listening to in your car as you drive around town. Accompanied by Shaggy’s vocals, it has a natural charm and transports you to the Jamaican land.


This ragga pop should definitely be on your playlist to brighten up your days. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of his voice when he says that what you want is something Boombastic, romantic, fantastic lover. A song that will stay in your mind forever.

3 – Baby I Love Your Way, Big Mountain

I’m sure you’ve heard this song in several movies, including Jumanji. But did you know that there is a reggae version? Yes, and thank God it exists. The song was originally written by Peter Frampton in 1975 for his music album called Frampton.


However, it has been covered by other groups and singers, most notably Big Mountain to become a reggae anthem. Despite being re-released in 1994, it is currently more listened to than other versions of the same song.


The characteristic reggae rhythm and good lyrics are the perfect mix for a hit that reached the top of the British charts, the Hot 100 Chart in the United States and in several European countries.


We’re almost at the end of the list!

2 – I Shot The Sheriff, Bob Marley

Oh yes, here we have the famous Bob Marley song we mentioned at the beginning, remember it? A musical track that is the living example that a song can tell a story, a version of events, or it can be a call for justice.


Since it was released in 1973 for The Wailers’ album Burnin’, it became a controversial song and the center of attention. The protagonist of the song tells how he defended himself against an attempt on his life by the town sheriff.


The reggae and Jamaican roots of the singer-songwriter are reflected in the bass and guitar that accompany his voice. More than a song, it is Marley’s testimony and a message of justice in the face of the corruption of the police force in his homeland. A message that is still valid today throughout the world.


You’ve come a long way!

1 – Close To You, Maxi Priest

The simplicity of the song, the catchy reggae beat and Maxi Priest’s seductive voice made this song the biggest hit of his career and number one on this hit list. It was released in 1990 as the first single from their album, Bonafide.


If you are wondering why it is a hit of this Jamaican music genre, the answer is simple. The mix of reggae with other genres such as pop and R&B, make it a song for all tastes.

A beautiful melody that evokes beautiful feelings. Maxi Priest, his wonderful voice and a love lyric, earned him the first place in the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, as well as the seventh place in the UK singles chart.


Maxi Priest won the hearts of the crowd with this song of passion, emotion and eroticism, worthy of being dedicated to the woman of your dreams. The madness of falling in love throbs in every word of this wonderful song.